How To Eat Plant Based For The 4th Of July

How To Eat Plant Based For The 4th Of July

In a celebration of America’s independence, the fourth of July is usually centered around family and friends, drinks and lots of food. Grilling out, cold salads and dips on the side with a cold beer in hand. Enjoy the celebration even more with these plant based ideas, recipes, and tips.

Plant Based Fourth Of July

The fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I have spent every single one up north on the lake with friends and family, eating good food and sipping cold beer. Boat rides, skiing, tubing, jet skiing, campfires, smore’s, and cornhole – the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

For anyone who is not from Michigan, “Up North” is firstly, a concept, of what I just described above. It always looks a little different person to person, but basically, it’s a home away from home, whether that be a tent, cabin, boat, or all the above, where you just get away from the real world. Most often spent on or near a lake.

Secondly, usually “Up North” is exactly what it sounds like: up north, literally. For me, Up North is about two and half hours from where my hometown is. We drive to northern Michigan to spend our weekend (or week, in this case) at the cabin on the lake.

In my opinion, it is what makes Michigan great and unique.

The fourth of July looks different everywhere you go, but the one thing that seems to happen across the board, no matter where you are, like a lot of other holiday’s in America, is the focus around food.

In the summertime, this means grilling out, and grilling out usually means “meat”. What are vegans and plant-based individuals supposed to do?

Today, there are so many options, that eating plant-based, even in grilling out, is becoming more and more simple and accessible.

It’s also possible to just simply cook whatever you choose inside, and join the others with your choice of food.

The most important thing during these times is to stick to what you believe in, whatever that is. As well as being prepared; whether that means coordinating with others or planning ahead and bringing your own food.

We’re heading back to Michigan soon, so, of course, we’re contemplating what we’re going to make while we’re there that will be easy, simple, and not take as much time away from our vacation.

Plant Based “Grilling”

Beyond Meat has changed the plant-based game.

And trust us, to say the least, it is incredible.

In fact, Beyond Meat is selling more of their burger and sausage products than regular, real meat burgers and sausage. Looks like the world is loving this plant-based option.

If you haven’t tried it yet, this Holiday would be a perfect time.

The burgers are juicy and delicious and are cooked in no time. About 3 minutes on each side and they’re good to go.


The sausage is also amazing. It’s taste resembles almost perfectly that of real sausage. Which is what makes that transition from meat to a meat replacement that much easier.

These two options are the easiest and quickest options for grilling on the 4th. No hassle, no preparation, just buying the product in store, just like anyone would with regular burgers and hot dogs or brats, but the taste is even better.

The only foreseeable issue with this is finding a store that sells these products. They’re becoming more available, but still, not all grocery stores carry Beyond Meat products.

Also, they sell out incredibly fast.

All The Sides

Grilling out usually means side dishes, cold salads, dips, and even pasta dishes, and more often than not these are filled with cheese and dairy products.

You can swap these out for healthier, dairy-free options like our 5 minute eggless salad, avocado cilantro lime sauce, or vegetable based sides such as oven roasted veggies, like brussel sprouts, grilled asparagus, and collard greens, or simple options like raw vegetables and hummus.


Plant Based Holiday Breakfast

If you’re anything like us, there’s a good chance Holiday celebrations can get the best of you sometimes. One, two many and you wake up the next morning wondering why you said yes to that last beer.

Refueling your body with something healthy that still satisfies your body with that greasy, brunch feel is still an option with plant-based.

Beyond Meat Sausages are great for exactly that. Pairing it with our 5 minute tofu scramble and oven roasted potatoes, you can get the savory, greasy food you need while still staying healthy on track.

If you’re feeling the need for a balance of sweetness, you could also whip up some summer strawberry 3 ingredient pancakes, you got yourself a filling, healthy, and super simple breakfast!


Plant Based Tacos

If it isn’t grilling over the Holiday, it seems Tacos run a close second. What’s better than good people, good drinks, and even better tacos?

These portobello tacos are great for a meat replacement. The savory mushrooms with the spicy pico de gallo, and the creamy cilantro avocado lime sauce come together perfectly.

Portobello Tacos With Spanish Rice

A recent recipe of ours, roasted cauliflower tacos, inspired by a local Mexican spot here in Atlanta, are another great option for celebrating the 4th with delicious food.

Both recipes are bursting with flavors and will surely satisfy and guests you may have. It may even turn them on to eating more plant-based (they’re that good).

Plant Based Snacks & Desserts

For those of us that have a sweet tooth, snacking on frozen grapes throughout the day(s) will help beat the heat while also giving us that sweet treat we feel like we need!

If a traditional dessert is needed, our vanilla cupcakes topped with fresh fruit are perfect for a 4th of July summer celebration. They’re light and fluffy, and are dressed for the occasion!

you could even add blueberries for more of a Holiday dress up!

The Most Important Tip of All

If there’s one thing we want you to know as you go into this Holiday celebration is that it’s not that serious. If somewhere along the way, something goes wrong or you mess up, its okay. The world is going to continue to turn and you just gotta keep going.

Plant based isn’t meant to be restrictive, and although it does take a little more effort, it pays off in the long run.

It’s possible to stick to your plant based lifestyle and still enjoy the delicious food and celebrations of fun holidays.

We hope everyone enjoys their Holiday celebrations safely with ease and lots of fun!

Much love,

Carly & Scoe

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