4 Healthy Recipes For All The Things You Crave

4 Healthy Recipes For All The Things You Crave

Recipe alternatives for all the classics you love: eggs, healthy pancakes and pizza, as well as dairy and egg free, creamy pasta recipes.


Healthy Recipes For All The Classics

You don’t have to only drink smoothies or eat bland vegetables and brown rice to be healthy. You also don’t have to eat fancy Acai or buddha bowls to go plant-based.

Enjoy the “eggy” breakfast, syrupy pancakes, late night pizza and hearty bows of pasta in a healthy and tasty way with these 4 plant-based recipes.

Get the “Egg-Breakfast”…Without the Egg

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be superfood smoothies or acai bowls when going plant-based. Although those are delicious and nutritious options, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and get something more “breakfast-y” and savory.

We’ve perfected our tofu scramble (seriously, check out these 3 MUST HAVE tips). Which can really, go in anything- but we have a killer avocado toast recipe.

Because we’re millennial’s, duh.

Regardless of your age, this avocado toast breakfast will change the way you look at your plant-based breakfast options, or lack thereof.

A fluffy, perfectly seasoned tofu scramble that is far from bland compliments the tasty combination of nutritious sprouted grain bread and a smashed avocado spread.

Talk. About. Amazing.

Get the recipe HERE.

Satisfy the Sweet Tooth and Stay On Track


And when you want something more sweet in the morning, maybe a little syrupy..try the healthiest and tastiest pancakes of all time.

With two different variations and endless other opportunities, our 3 ingredient pancake recipe could not be a better option.

For the most authentic experience, we suggest organic maple syrup and vegan earth balance butter spread.

It’s amazing.

Note: this recipe can only be used with ripe bananas as is, not previously frozen. Trust us, we tried it once…FAIL. 

We have to delicious pancake recipes:

HERE is the baseline recipe, where we add cinnamon and vegan chocolate chips

HERE is the summer strawberry and dark chocolate recipe

But think of these pancakes as your canvas, have it your way!

You Don’t Have To Give Up Pizza

One of our greatest discoveries may have been the plant-based pizza. We tried and failed a few times before finally finding out that this was the very best, meaning, the best tasting way.

It just so happened that is also ended up being the healthiest of the options, as well.

Simple Mills makes an easy to prepare almond-flour crust with truly, all-natural, ingredients (because I can pronounce and read them all) that actually tastes phenomenal.

We use a classic jar of pizza sauce, usually the healthiest we can find, Daiya mozzarella cheese, which is made mostly of coconut and other oils, with chopped veggies, fresh garlic, and spices & herbs like basil, Italian, crushed red pepper, and oregano.

And honestly, we have yet to find a restaurant that makes better pizza than we do.

If you want in on this (which..you do..), you can get this healthy pizza recipe HERE.

But What About That Creamy Pasta?

Oh, do we have a treat for you.

For a while, creamy pasta was our jam. We worked hard on perfecting a cashew based Alfredo sauce, became obsessed with a hearty bowl of creamy pad thai, and discovered the easiest pasta dish ever: a one-pot, creamy, plant-based pasta.

One-Pot Pasta
Pad Thai
Alfredo Pasta

Yes, we are so serious.

And let me just tell you, I’ve eaten more pasta in the last year than probably my entire life, and I’m the healthiest (and leanest) I’ve ever been.

As I always say, we’re also ballin on a budget- and time, so whatever you’re thinking, we understand. That’s why we buy this veggie pasta, it’s relatively healthy and the price can’t be beat. Usually, we pick this up $4/5 at Kroger.

We have another great post that talks about these incredible recipes, but you can get each recipe individually below:

One-Pot Pasta

Pad Thai 

Alfredo Pasta

We hope that these four recipes, and the rest of our blog helps you in your healthy eating and plant-based lifestyle endeavors. Please, feel free to reach out to us as you may have any questions, comments, or concerns (:



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